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Happy Stages

Happy Stages are stages of an Islamic Curriculum designed to support home educators in their efforts for an Islamic upbringing for their children. Find out more about our curriculum by clicking on the icon

Resources for your child's learningResources for your child's learning
Resources for your child's learningResources for your child's learning

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About our Islamic Curriculum

Happy Stage 1: ages 4-7 years oldThe Happy Stage Islamic Curriculum has been adapted from works by Sheikh Abdullah Abul Farooq Al Halabi, who devised a curriculum suitable for Islamic schools to teach children from the age of 4 through to adulthood up to the age of 20. The stages have been calculated based on the different stages of childhood, adolescence and adulthood based on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad (saw).

You can click on of the numbers at the top of this page to see each stage in turn. We have also included, where appropriate, the national curriculum for the equivalent age of each of our Happy Stages.

Important note: We have included all the mandatory subjects of the national curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2, however some elements of the curriculum are not entirely compatible with the Islamic curriculum. Some of these elements can be taught in such a way that does not conflict with Islam but there are some points of the curriculum however, which seem irreconcilable with the Islamic teachings, particularly under the subject of 'Music'.


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